Welcome to
L.C.V.I.'s Student Services Team


Here in Student Services, our main goal is simple: we want students to have a successful and enjoyable experience at L.C.V.I., and we want them to leave here with all the skills and goals in place to become integral and valuable members of the outside community. We are fortunate to have an excellent team who believes in students and is here to help them with whatever their needs may be.


Bobbi-Jo Scott - Student Services Secretary

Bobbi-Jo is the first face you will see when you come to our office. She keeps our department running smoothly and is more that happy to help you. She will assist you with connecting to the appropriate member of our team as well as help you find necessary documents.

613-546-5575 ext 303


Cori is the head of the department and runs this website. She has been a guidance counselor since 2013 and loves her position. Her primary focus is on grade 11s and 12s and making sure they get what they need to achieve their post-secondary goals.

613-546-5575 ext 319


Cori Dupuis - Head of Student Services

Tonia Moore - Lead Student Success and Guidance Counselor 


As Lead Student Success Teacher she is here to help ensure students are successful in their academics. She is here to helps students stay on track and if need be, to get caught up.



Martha Read-Gray - Guidance Counselor

Martha is our guidance counsellor who works with our grade 9 & 10 students and continues to be the expert on all this AAEP, Pre AP, and AP.  Martha is very knowledgeable in the scholarship and bursary process as well as LCVI's SHSM.

Mathew Meyer - Learning Program Support Teacher


Mat works with students with their learning needs. He works to ensure they are getting any accommodations listed on their IEP. He is also the primary contact for students who require assistive technology.

613-546-5575 ext 387



Janice Cole - Adolescent Care Worker

Janice is here to support students with their social and emotional needs. Students book appointments with Janice to discuss personal issues and learn ways to cope. Her goal is to assist students with those personal concerns that may be preventing them from academic success.