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At L.C.V.I. we are proud to offer a variety of programming for our students. One special opportunity we offer our grade 11 and 12 students are our Advanced Placement courses. Students have the opportunity to take one or more AP courses. These courses complete the Ontario curriculum and then work through the first year university level equivalent. Students can then take the AP tests for their chosen subjects. If students do well on said tests, they can earn Canadian university first year credits and be exempt for taking that course in their first year. Alternatively, they can still take the courses in their first year, but AP students feel much more confident with the material as they have worked with it previously. Please see below for the AP course options available at LCVI.



At LC, you can take English Language and Composition in grade 11 - this course runs all year and awards the student with NBE4UE, and NDW4ME

We also offer English Literature in grade 12 for which students are granted ENG4UE



The grade 12 Statistics course is open to students in grade 11 or 12. Student earn the MDM4UE credit



Take advantage of the opportunity to study biology at the university level with our AP Biology, SBI4UE.



LC offer grade 11 AP Prep French, FSF3UE as well as grade 12 French Language and Culture, the FSF4UE course



Students at LC take their AP Calculus (MCV4UE) in conjunction with Higher Functions (MHF4U). This runs all year and students earn both credits.



In order to enroll in our AP Physics course (SPH4UE), you must also be enrolled in the Higher Functions and Calculus AP.


LCVI had a great positive impact me and more importantly prepared me well for post-secondary education. LCVI and the AP program taught me valuable knowledge and skills that give me a great advantage over my fellow classmates. The knowledge I obtained through the AP classes I have taken has made my first semester at Queen's Engineering much easier, for I have already covered most of, if not all of the material within my Physics 1 course, Calc 1 course, and Engineering practices course.


 James Zhu, LCVI class of 2018

LC was an amazing experience. I received opportunities that I may not have had at other schools, helping to develop my leadership abilities and participate in athletics at a competitive level. The vocational and international programs at LC also provided me with exposure to students from a variety of backgrounds, which has been invaluable throughout my life and career.


 Dr. Shlok Gupta, LCVI class of 2006

The freedom LC gives you to be able to take AP courses as well as participate in school musicals, choir, leadership roles, etc. helped to round out my transcript and extracurricular activities. Without this (plus an amazing teacher who allowed me to practice the SATs in her classroom), I do not think I would have gotten into an American liberal arts college and later reach my dreams of attending Columbia University and living in NYC. Thanks LC!


Francesca Parker, LCVI class of 2013

Hello future LC Lancers! I am currently in my 4th year in chemical engineering at McGill University and I am taking a minor in biomedical engineering. I was part of the AP Prep program and took AP French and AP Calculus. During my time at LC, I was surrounded by great teachers who encouraged me to pursue a STEM career. I was involved in LC by being part of the field hockey team, the Athena Fellowship, and served as the co-president of the yearbook. At McGill, I continued to get involved just as I did with LC by being the president of the national organization of business and engineering, the second year class representative of the engineering undergraduate society and the corporate outreach director of the Chem-E car design team.  



Rana Taher, LCVI class of 2015

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SOme recent LCVI AP Grads explain the benefits of the AP program

AK Darbar

Donna Gao

Josh Boyd

5 myths and realities about Advanced pla
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