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SHSM at L.C.V.I.

An SHSM (Specialized High Skills Major) is a ministry-approved specialized program that allows students (Grade 11/12) to focus their learning on a specific economic sector while meeting the requirements to graduate from secondary school. It also assists in their transition after graduation to apprenticeship training, college, university or the workplace. Students must complete all components to graduate with the SHSM red seal on their diploma.

At L.C.V.I. we are proud to offer 5 SHSMs and a variety of ways to achieve them. Please see details below.

For more information about SHSM requirements and certifications, please visit the LDSB SHSM website!


2020-2021 info

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Arts and Culture

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Via Regular Programming

AT L.C.V.I. we are proud to be able to offer art programming in a multitude of ways including, visual arts, drama, dance, music, vocals, communications technology, design technology and more!

Earn your SHSM by taking a custom selection of 4 Major credits, a business, an English and 2 coop credits!

You will be given opportunities for your certifications and sector experience as well!

Marble Surface

Via Studio LC

Studio LC is a learner-centred, film-driven set of courses designed for highly motivated and community minded students interested in film, video, music, and digital arts media production. As part of a team you will plan, write, act, shoot and edit your films in our classroom studios. Students will deconstruct media from a technical, creative and social perspective as well as design, produce and promote films for the LCVI Film festival and a variety of community related events. Students can identify for further certifications and activities leading to a Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture. If you’re an aspiring videographer, writer or film buff, Studio LC wants you.

Via Creative Arts

Creative Arts is a SHSM portfolio building opportunity available to senior students considering a career in fine arts or design. This program provides students with an extremely flexible package of courses and experience including: a series of gallery visits; life drawing at St. Lawrence College; large scale exhibits; field trips; and unique workshops that all highlight local artists. Project work within this course is designed to foster a substantial element of community involvement as well as personal expression. Creative Arts is a studio course which enables students to build a strong portfolio for submission to post-secondary institutions in areas such as Fine Art, Animation, Architecture and Graphic Design. Creative Arts has been supporting young artists successfully pursue their career goals in the arts and design since 1990.


Tonya Corkey

Construction and Manufacturing

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At L.C.V.I. we are very excited to have some new things in the works for Construction and Manufacturing. While we offer both SHSMs, they work very closely together in the areas of construction, welding, masonry and automotive.

Students will get a wide range of very valuable sector-specific training and certifications.

Health and Wellness

There are two ways to earn your Health and Wellness SHSM at L.C.V.I.

Via our 2 year Academy of Hair Design or our regular programming.

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Academy of Hair

This four semester Specialist High Skills Major Focus Program will prepare students for a hairstyling career in the Health and Wellness sector. The Academy of Hair Design Program offers students an opportunity to earn credits towards their OSSD and registration as an apprentice with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skill Development. Working in a salon/spa environment, at LCVI students will strengthen their fundamental cosmetology skills and develop and understanding of common business practices and strategies required in the Hairstyling industry.


Brooke Delong

613-546-5575 ext 384

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Regular Programming

At L.C.V.I. we are very fortunate to be able to offer the Health and Wellness SHSM in two ways: Via our 2 year OYAP Academy of Hair Program, where you earn all the components of the SHSM within the program, and through our regular programming where you can customize your experience.


We offer a wide range of courses that apply to the Health and Wellness sector. From our Live Fit and Powerfit to Cosmetology and Working with Children to AP Physics and Biology, there is a plan for every destination. 


We have in-house CPR-C and First Aid and WHMIS instructors that can provide certifications for students.


Our coop program lends to many sector specific experiences and our close proximity to the YMCA and downtown allows for ample opportunities.

Hospitality and Tourism


Cooks Internship

This specialist program has been designed to give students the required skills and experiences needed to be successful in the hospitality/culinary industry. Students will be exposed to a variety of classroom experiences, competitions, community events, field trips, and co-op placements that will prepare them for a post-secondary destination. Students will interact with guest Chefs from our community who demonstrate cooking techniques and discuss the pathway to becoming a chef. The Industrial Kitchen Classroom provides a unique experience designed to develop culinary competency on a daily basis. Students will learn to plan and prepare meals that are served in the school operated cafeteria. The Community Luncheon project, allows students to interact with their customers and is a practical way to understand all roles that are involved to create a successful business. Co-op hours inside a professional kitchen enable the student to develop the basic understanding of food preparation and presentation skills as well as become more employable in the Hospitality Industry. Students will spend 1 week at St. Lawrence College, which allows students to leap ahead in college through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). 

The SHSM is an enhanced diploma and recognizes sector specific training and industry standard certifications in one of the following areas:

  • Arts & Culture

  • Construction

  • Health & Wellness

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Manufacturing

A Specialist High Skills Major comprises five components:

•    A bundle of 8-10 credits; 4 credits in the sector specific area, 3-4 additional credits as well as a 2 credit Coop
•    6-7 certifications
•    A variety of experiential learning opportunities related to the curriculum
•    Completion of the Ontario Skills Passport
•    Completion of 10 hours of “Reach Ahead” activities

An SHSM may or may not be in the sector area of a student’s future career. The benefits are enriching for students as it helps them obtain student work between summers and/or provides training and experience for their resumes.

Participation in the SHSM program is voluntary and students will be required to complete the required components of the SHSM during their senior years. Proper planning and course selection is imperative to successful completion of the program.  

If you would like your son/daughter to participate in the SHSM program, please feel free to contact someone in Student Services.


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