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What is OSAP

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a financial aid program that can help you pay for college or university.

OSAP offers funding through:

  • grants: money you don’t have to pay back

  • a student loan: money you need to repay once you’re done school

When you apply for OSAP, we automatically consider you for both grants and loans. If you don’t want to take a loan, you can decline it after your application is approved.

There are also programs to help you repay your student loan once you’re done school.

What OSAP can help with

OSAP can help you pay for:

  • tuition

  • books, equipment and supplies

  • compulsory student fees charged by a school

  • living expenses (full-time students only)

  • child care (for students with children)

Who can get OSAP

OSAP is open to Ontario residents of any age who are:

Who is not eligible

You may not be eligible for OSAP if you:

  • don’t meet the academic progress requirements

  • have enough financial resources, including other forms of government aid, to cover your expenses allowed by OSAP

  • report income on your OSAP application that’s significantly different from what you reported to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

  • have defaulted on a student loan

  • have grant or bursary overpayments or multiple outstanding loan overpayments

  • failed a credit check

  • declared bankruptcy or consumer proposal, or consolidation orders

  • have reached your lifetime limit of student loan funding (340 weeks of funding, 400 weeks of funding for doctoral studies, 520 weeks of funding for students with disabilities)

  • are an international student

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