College and university can be very expensive. While OSAP may be an option for some, scholarships and bursaries can be a way to ease the financial burden of post-secondary school. Scholarships are typically based on academic achievement, leadership etc., while bursaries tend to aimed at those with financial need or other less academic factors. There is a lot of research involved in find a scholarship or bursary that you may be able to apply to. Make sure you visit the websites of the schools you are interest in too! They will have school-specific opportunities. Student Services is happy to help!

Some Helpful Websites

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This site features scholarships for a wide variety of students

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This is the site for government scholarships including some for non-Canadians


The Loran is a very prestigious award - students apply by Oct. 13th 2021.


RBC has a number of scholarships - well worth the visit


The TD Award is another prestigious award for students who have demonstrated leadership. Applications are due Monday, Nov. 15th. 2021. 


This is a great website for up-to-date information on all Ontario universities including their bursaries and scholarships.


Scholarships for international students studying in Canada.

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2020-2021 info

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Queens' Promise Scholarship

The Promise Scholars program is a comprehensive initiative designed to reduce financial barriers and increase access to Queen’s for local, first-generation students. The program provides dedicated financial, academic, and career support to help students complete their degree. Five awards will be available.

To be eligible students must:

  • Receive admission to a Queen’s first-year undergraduate degree program

  • Be a first-generation student (meaning parents or guardians have not obtained a college diploma or university degree)

  • Family income is $50,000 or less

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada


Step 1: Submit your resume/covering letter stating you wish to be nominated for 'x' scholarship.


Step 2: The graduation awards committee, made up of LCVI teachers and administration and chaired by Mrs. Gray, meets to decide on which student(s) best meet the eligibility criteria for the scholarship. We are a small school and usually only get 1-3 nominations per scholarship that requires a nomination.


Step 3: Student Services will notify the students who will be nominated.


Things to do in preparation: Line up references who can write letters on your behalf that support your application. The references you choose need to be able to speak specifically to your activities, skills, and talents. Good references for you could be teachers who know you well, coaches (school or community) who know you well, former or current bosses where you work, former or current supervisors where you volunteer. Just remember that a reference can never be a family member.


Our LCVI Graduation Award and Scholarships committee is going to meet on Sept. 29th to determine who we will be nominating for THE LORAN. It is SUPER important you email me your resume and covering letter by Sept. 25th.


Questions: Ask!

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Supporting LGBTQ Students. The Bill 7 Award is a registered charitable trust that awards scholarships to gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, two-spirited and queer students who are in financial need and studying at any post-secondary institution in Ontario to attain their first degree or diploma.